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I disagree with your blog.

The transwarp transporter makes starships no more obsolete than the transporter makes shuttles obsolete.
The transwarp transporter is a bit like the Iconian Gateway. If it can really take objects and people from A to B, in the galaxy, in a blink of an eye then it considerably reduces the purposes of starships.
How do they know they place they're going isn't just empty space, or how do they know they are materializing in a all or something, or that the place has a atmosphere they can breath, or that it isn't irradiated or something, and most importantly how do they get back since they can't take the transporter with them?
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I'm sure the device has to interface with a larger computer/control system in some manner. Perhaps it's meant to link with a 'normal' transporter.
Or, God forbid, in a motion picture it's a MacGuffin. Perish the thought!
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