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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 82; Out of Luck

Sisko: Everyone, just relax and look like you've nothing to hide. I'm sure this is just a routine border contact by the Central Command's forces.
Kira: We're carrying members of the Detapa Council to establish a government-in-exile!
Sisko: For an ex-resistance fighter, you don't seem particlarly accomplished at deception.
Kira: We always shot the Cardassians before they got around to asking questions!

Worf: A healthy boy! He will make a fine main course.
(off Miles and Keiko suddenly choking)
That was a joke. Klingons NEVER eat the children of their friends.

Quark: You want me to spike the doctor's drink?
Garak: It's a...supplement. Vitamins. The dear doctor needs more minerals in his diet.
..Oh, and I'd like to reserve a holosuite for that same evening.
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