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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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^And yet it's still nowhere near as gory as The Walking Dead. I just got done watching it for the first time. Truly is teh sux compared to the book. Fast zombies that sound like f'ing alien creatures = not scary. The more traditional zombie scenario in the W.H.O. building was arguably the best part of the movie. All that being said however, I wouldn't mind a sequel.
I liked the movie well enough but I agree TWD does the zombie thing (and gore) better. The stuff in the WHO building also was the best part of the movie.
There is a television station where I am right now that only plays bootlegged movies...Seriously! I have tried to watch this movie twice now and fallen asleep shortly after the arrival at the W.H.O. station. Now I will have to find a way to stay awake.

My problem with the movie is that it is really the same thing played out over and over again. Each major set piece feels like nothing more than a different level on a video game.

The coolest part was the Zombies climbing all over each other just to get over the wall, but when they do it just becomes New York all over again.
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