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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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That's that guess, yes. Or the person they have to "sub" it actually went to the theater and will be getting their BD copy about a month earlier that everyone else. We still would have to wait until the 25th or even October 10th, so something for one of those to come about. Otherwise, we wait until October 25th plus shipping time.

But they can be watched Raw, and about half to two thirds of it can be understood with series knowledge or just how things happen. I've found MBS can be watched online live as I've been watching the episodes as they air (1am Pacific time on Sunday).
I can understand the first part.

I have watched the original with subs, and I have the Starblazers version too on VHS. SO I pretty much know what will go on in the next 4 eps. Of course I would like to watch 2199 eps to see what they added and subtracted from the original. I can not watch MBS since I am on the east coast.

On another note. In almost all the eps, there is some sort of reference to either a movie or anime without actually naming them. It is always something that does not look obvious at first. Ep 14 there are two homages to a movie and an anime. When Yuki and Kodai return to the Yamato, it is rotating end over end, which if you have ever seen "2010 the year we make contact," you will see that the Space Ship Discovery does the same thing. The anime that is referenced is when they are in the elevator shaft going down and Yuki accidentally steps on on Kodais head. That is a homage to Vandread albeit reversed going up instead of down and the main male character runs into the woman's rear. There are more of these coincidences or homages in other eps. But you have to have a working knowledge about them. I wonder what is in the last four eps that will keep us all guessing. Oh I should point out that ep 5, before the fighters launch while getting ready and getting into their fighters, you hear all the noise of engines starting and at low levels. The same thing was in Star Wars before they launched to take on the Death Star.

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