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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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Consider the Spock/Uhura romance in ST 09, to this day I still don't know what Spock was thinking and I hope it was not a case of 'my planet's destroyed, let's get it on with one of my former cadets I trained'. It's about the only problem I had with ST 09 and the only thing I thought was silly.
You could know it if you payed attention to the scenes and if that alone wasn't enough you had the script, the novelization and some of the comics and you could read what the writers said.
You'd understand then that these two characters were in fact a couple way before his planet got destroyed and this is the very reason why their interactions in the turbolift and later on the transport pad, make sense. He could act like that only with someone who was his girlfriend.

Besides, if one can buy that two people that despised each other can suddenly become besta friendas forevar only because dude's future self from another reality played matchmaker and they can convincingly play a ala TWOK scene with a crying, screaming and homicidal Spock acting like that for the death of someone he hardly considered more than a co-worker for the majority of the last movies (when he didn't even cry when his mother died and his home planet got sucked in a black hole and he felt his people dying)
.... then him having a girlfriend who happens to be someone that he probably knows since years shouldn't be that much of a shock or considered that impossible and/or OOC.
I do recall Uhura talking to Spock about her 'oral' sensitivity. I just hope she was talking about her linguistic skills and not her BJ skills! Maybe Spock just wanted to explore humanity and utilise that burning Vulcan desire inside of him...
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