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Re: Enterprise The Movie

i think ENT wouldve worked quite well on the big screen - the big budget making the ship even more realistic, that particular era with plenty nods to TOS - all the cool foreshadowing, Scott Bakula as Archer, possible interaction with the TNG crew like the way TNG interacted with TOS for their 1st film. (TNG would’ve been off screens for 7 years so would’ve been abit of an event - esp something different like an alt universe TNG crew) and like the way everyone kind of thought Generations would do a Yesterdays Enterprise. It would have been almost 20 years since Yesterdays Ent and the YE two crews thing hadn’t been done on the big screen yet (like the way elements of certain episodes have been redone as movies - TMP with Changeling/Doomsday Machine/Immunity Syndrome, TVH - Tomorrow is Yesterday/Assignment Earth/City on the Edge, TFF - Way to Eden/Who Mourns Adonis, & even FC - BOBW & ST09 - YE).

the cast mustve been thinking a movie would be a strong possiblity in the early days as there was no way a DS9 or VOY film would go ahead, and TNG were about to have their final film (and even if Nemesis wasnt to be TNGs final film it would be unlilely theyd be still doing the films by the time ENT finished its run on tv), so there mustve been the feeling that ENT would more than likely be the next crew on the big screen at the end of the 7 years in a film possibly like the one described above. hearing the show wasnt doing too well and then was going to be cancelled early mustve been unbelivable, especially when the likes of Stargate was still going...and just when ENT had found its feet like TNGs 3rd season....

even now its still pretty shocking ....i know it probably worked out for the best as otherwise we wouldnt have had the return of the original characters with ST09/STID but even so i cant help imagining what an ENT movie wouldve been like
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