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Into Darkness. Terrible!

I am 51 and have been watching Star Trek since I can remember. last night with my wife away I rented Into Darkness. To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement, in fact it is the only Star Trek movie I have ever fallen asleep while watching. Admittedly only for a few minutes.

The first movie with this new crew was very good and set the stage for a whole new Star Trek. With this latest offering they have taken the arguably the best Start Trek movie of all time "Wrath of Khan" and bastardized it! Nothing new and a very poor adaptation of the original.

With the huge budgets and an endless story possibilities available in a never ending universe, this is the best thing they could come up with?? Reversing the characters Kirk for Spock, in one of the most memorable scenes not just in Star Trek history but in cinematic history was a travesty. I was embarrassed.

What's with senior star fleet crew not only having a relationship but openly kissing on deck? I must be getting old and presume this sort of rubbish is aimed at a newer generation. I can't believe the new Star Trek viewers are that stupid!

Character development in this movie was puerile. Again, I must be showing my age but what's with the casual relationship and interactions between the captain and his subordinate officers and crew?

I just wanted to vent and will never post another comment. I joined today just to express my disappointment to people who might understand.
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