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Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360 will come on two discs, one for installation and the other to play/load the game. While the X360 has enjoyed optional disc installs for any game since its dashboard update in 2008, Rockstar is recommending Xbox 360 players that they do not install the "play" disc.

Advice provided in a tweet reply by @RockstarSupport states, "For optimal performance, we recommend not installing that disc. We will have more info on our Support Site at launch."
So don't install it, just run off the play disc? I'm confused.
The install disc installs part of the game by itself when you put it in the 360, the play disc shouldn't be installed/copied to the HD but run from the DVD-drive/disc...
The digital version of the PS3 has similair problems, the game runs into problems trying to read data from 2 places on the HD...
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