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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

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open karaoke party he was co-hosting later that night.
I would be so there and possibly so drunk.
...yes, this is why we go to Star Trek conventions that have Dominic and Connor! Remember, there's only four (?!) things you need to have fun at a Trek con:

1. Camera--your own, preferably digital, or beg, borrow, or steal a friend's or relative's for the weekend, so you have great candids of Dominic and Connor;

2. Executive-level con membership--whether that's gold, platinum, or solar system, find out what it is, and make arrangements to get the best ticket, the best seat/s in the auditorium, the best hotel room!

3. Money for the dealer's room to get photos for autographing and have reserved photo op tickets with Dom & Connor & you; with Dom & you; with Connor & you--don't forget to plunk out the extra $$ for the CD-ROM with all your 'official' photos on it!

4. A large amount of money (start at $500 USD--or the equivalent--and go up from there), preferably in a large denomination (i.e., in the U.S., $100 USD);

You have that much money so you can slowly wave a few $100's in front of Dominic's face and offer to take him, Connor, their convention manager, and the unofficial Dominic fan club liaison (i.e., M.J.) out to dinner the night before the convention. (You did make reservations to check in on the Thursday night before a Fri-Sun con, didn't you? Didn't you?!)

After dinner, you pull out another few C-notes and dare Dom to come drinking with you --extra points if you can find a really good British style pub in a country other than the UK or any Commonwealth countries, in the city the con is being held at--or at the hotel pub/bar; more extra points if you can lose M.J. or Lolita along the way, or if Connor has to leave because he's too tired, and you have definitely hit the jackpot if you end up in Dom's room, double jackpot if he's in your room!

(Well, four-and-a-half things and clothes, but you'll pay for your hotel room by credit card, so just make sure you aren't over your credit balance!)
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