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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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Makes one wonder why you're posting in this section, no ?
I never liked the thought process that implies because one doesn't share the common consensus opinion, that somehow invalidates or questions their right to post in any given place.
Well I think ST Voyager and ST Enterprise are cringingly awful, and ST DS9 is vastly overated and appeals to the intellect of an angry 14 year old, but I don't post negative comments in the thread subjects related to those series spin offs.

Some members have spent an unhealthy amount of time and post count on forums/thread topics that are about the very movies that they dislike, so why waste time posting on them when they can sit in a DS9/VOY forum and talk positively about how cool it was back in 1997 and how sexy they think Janeway is?
True. I'm not fan of VOY, though I like a handful of episodes. Still, I don't go into the VOY forum and rail on people for liking the series. They have their reasons why they like the show. Once in a while, I do go in to talk about a specific episode, character, or moment I liked or disliked, but to complain endlessly? Nah. That's a waste of time on everyone's part.

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