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Re: Thoughts on Season 3

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Season 3 is a great season but not as good as Season 2 and Season 1. There are some mediocre episodes, like "Blood Fever", "Macrocosm" and "Real Life" which lowers the season for me. Still some really great episodes, like "Warlord", "The Swarm", "Darkling", "Future's End" and "Before And After" among my favorites.
Your bias is showing.

I like "Macrocosm" in a VOY Does Die Hard kind of way. As a great episode of Trek? Meh. And if I want Die Hard in general I'd rather rewatch "Starship Mine" for the Data chitchat.

I like "Real Life" because I'm a sentimental sap and before the family is reprogrammed I find them delightfully unrealistic. Also I did think the VFX with Paris's little voyage were pretty cool.

"Warlord" is sort of entertaining but sort of forgettable for me...but then, I'm a gay man, so watching Kes get bent out of shape possibly isn't as appealling for me as it is for some.

I do really like "Before and After", but I think that's pretty much consensus.
overlooking the concept of the giant viruses, I liked Macrocosm, it was great and action packed.

Real Life I can't watch too many times because of the ending but I thought it was a great episode for the doctor
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