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Re: Doctor Who party suggestions

^They were pretty good. The recipe called for plain graham crackers, but I would suggest using cinnamon ones, to give it more zing. Hubby, the cookie baker, made the fish fingers and made them just slightly smaller and thinner than he wanted for the final result, but they spread out quite a lot---so make them significantly smaller than you want for the end result. They came out tasting pretty good---little very sugary cookies, a little crumbly, but just dry enough so you can dip them in pudding or custard without getting too soggy.

We decided on stove-top lemon pudding, because once its chilled, it looks very custardy but has a bit more flavor.

The Jammie Dodgers, btw, were surprisingly popular. This is Texas, so no one had tried them before. I bought two packages of them on the "international" aisle of my local grocery store. We had about 15 guests---and all the cookies were gone before it was over. I didn't even get to try one.
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