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Re: New ST reader saying hello!

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Also I vaguely remember hearing something about some of the Enterprise relaunch stuff being relevant to Destiny, would it make sense to read any of that before getting to Destiny?
Not necessary. Actually Destiny was conceived first and then the ENT post-finale books tried to tie into it, but there's a bit of a continuity error between the two; something that's portrayed as occurring in 2156 in Destiny is implied to happen a year earlier and in a different place in ENT: Kobayashi Maru. The next ENT novel after that retcons things to reconcile the discrepancy.

As long as you're familiar with the fourth season of Enterprise, you can follow Destiny just fine.

But if you do want to read something before Destiny, may I suggest my TNG novel Greater Than the Sum, which is essentially a prologue to the trilogy?
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