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Re: New ST reader saying hello!

It really is a fun endeavor. I took it up about 2 years ago. My general strategy is to alternate between a Trek book and a non-Trek book to both draw out the experience and keep some variety in my life.

I started with the entire DS9 relaunch, which initially was my only goal, since it was my favorite series. But that hooked me, and from there I read 2 Voyager duologies and the Time To series. I've got through the first two Titan books and liked them a lot. I just finished Articles of the Federation the other day, and despite the author clearly being a hack and never shutting up about baseball, i absolutely loved it. It was such a breath of fresh air, and I am looking forward to the Bacco administration continuing to be a presence in the litverse.

I plan to take the same path that you are, although I've heard that Vanguard might have some relevancy to some of the Typhon Pact stuff, so I was thinking of making sure to read that series before TP. Maybe some folks here could give some non-spoilery advisement on that. Also I vaguely remember hearing something about some of the Enterprise relaunch stuff being relevant to Destiny, would it make sense to read any of that before getting to Destiny?

Anyway, glad to have you along for the ride. Super pumped for more Titan, new Voyager, Destiny, Typhon Pact, and one day far far in the future things like Cold Equations and The Fall.

EDIT - I just realized that I got all of those notions from Thrawn's frickin awesome flow chart. Still would love some advisement on reading order!

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