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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Workbee wrote: View Post
HAH... brute force. Just mad, persistent searching deep into the wild recesses of google images. Apparently someone in Japan is a real fan of the Excelsior. Probably lots of useful stuff to be found here at if you can read Japanese.
Ah, daggumit. Yet another reason I should have studied my Japanese harder. (No, I'm not kidding.)

Good work, regardless! And I thought I had been into the bowels of Google...

Workbee wrote: View Post
This is *almost* screen accurate. I think it is just something fan made. This person seems to have made corrections to the impulse deflector crystal to make it match the TUC model (the image used in TUC did not reflect all the changes to the model for the movie. Aside from the colors, the NX and the transwarp labels, this version is probably the closest to what was used in the movie.
Ah yes, the deflection crystal. I missed that one on my earlier, cursory review. That second one is pretty cool. It does make me wonder whether they said "transwarp" in the TUC one or not. I'm guessing not, but I think I'll try to give it a closer study this evening.

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Question: Why does it have to be one deck lower for the swirly pattern instead of the TNG version? Though if this turbolift guide is screen accurate, it looks like it may have to be one deck down.
That's a pretty cool graphic, too! Interesting to note that, based on the turbolift location, they have sunk the bridge down quite a bit to make it fit, rather than imagine the bridge module is less elliptical.

I think I was a bit unclear, sorry about that. It doesn't have to be moved down for the TNG version vs. the swirl version, it was mostly just an aesthetic choice on my part. It seems better protected a deck down, and also conveniently allows for that turbolift diagram to make sense.

Workbee wrote: View Post
I had a thought that helps me reconcile the TNG core seen in TUC. What if that is just a diffuser that goes over the swirly core. Meaning that they are all swirly cores, but some are just configured to pulse. Voyager may be explained as a sort of prototype of the new "subspace friendly" warp drive that just didn't get the diffusers in place. Or maybe it is best just to ignore Voyager.

My point to all this is, the way the TNG core was presented in TUC may not create a problem. As long as it wasn't shown PULSING like in TNG, it could be explained as a new cover. I'll have to go back and check, but the only problematic scene that comes to mind is when they depart spacedock, there is a reflection of the pulsing core lights on the office window that Scotty is standing in. I am comfortable with disregarding a reflection, but now we are doing some real contortions just to rationalize a set reuse.
A great point really. The first time I took a swing at all this stuff, I was able to use the presence of the TNG cores in the sets to create a narrative where the Excelsior class invented that technology, and it's the fact that it now feels (to me) like an unnecessary contortion, as well as a desire to glean any "real" truth from it, that has made me shy away from it. (That, and not wanting to have antimatter pods above the deflector alcove.) Your notion of a duck that looks like a duck and quacks like a duck but acts like a goose is fine by me. I may just ultimately end up representing the Excelsior core with a drawing of the swirl core though, but make the engine room itself look more like the TNG one.

Workbee wrote: View Post
But heck, if other movies can have us accept things such as poor reproductions of the Oval Office being the ACTUAL office of the President of the United States, I can accept that a TNG warp core is actually the TMP warp core.
Indeed... and with the problems with the bridge module, and the dubious nature of whether we "really" saw the Excelsior warp core, I think I can live with the swirly one.

Workbee wrote: View Post
Also, wasn't there an episode of TNG where the Enterprise got a new Warp Core installed? So apparently these things can be replaced and upgraded. Giving the option that during TSFS and TVH, they were swirly cores but later on TNG-ish cores were installed.
Great point too. That was more or less what I was thinking might have happened in my original conceptualization, before it started giving me a stomach ache.

B.J. wrote: View Post
I suppose this thread would be the best place to ask, but there's something I've always wondered. I have the ERTL model kit of the Excelsior from decades ago, and in the impulse engine area, they provided *three* clear red pieces for the engines. Two were narrow rectangles and went where you'd expect them to, but the third was nearly square and went in the trench between the other two. It was also a lot further forward, about the same fore/aft location as the aft end of the "fins" on top of the impulse engine assembly.

I don't ever remember any Excelsior class having a glowy-bit located there, so where on Earth did they get the idea to put one there? It's not as if it was just an extra bit, it was included in the instructions too.
I don't think the real ship did either. I think the kit calls it an "impulse engine exhaust panel" or something.

Overall that kit was not super accurate. It left out the niblets on the neck insets, didn't quite get the point where the neck meets the saucer right, leaving out the indent and "collar" atop the neck, and didn't quite get the details on the chasm pod right (but who could really blame them there?) I think there are a couple other weird details I'm not thinking of that were either omitted or just wrong.
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