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Re: No More Wrath of Khan Homages

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..and we're all supposed to line up and praise this thing because it made money...
I praise it because both the critics and public at large thought it was the best blockbuster of the summer
So you only like because other people do?
It's worthy of praise as it made Trek very accessible and relevant in 2013. The box office and non-trekkie critics reflect that.

To re-launch Trek with those high budgets in the way how you are familiar with Trek back in 1994-1999 would further make Trek so elite, inaccessible and even unpalatable beyond repair.

It seems that there are some who rather Trek die with it's limited appeal because it worked OK in their day and to their own tastes of relentless technobabble and cheesy exchange of dialog than to attract and inspire many more people who could like Trek and become life long fans themselves.
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