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Here's my take on the DVD: The 800 Pound Gorilla
The biggest problem I see there is that your premise is faulty; you're not looking at this (forgive me) logically, after all. What I read spends precisely one sentence on the subject of the DVD, and devolves thereafter into a rant - a largely emotional reaction to "one specific, overwhelming issue with STID" which, goes the contention, "should upset just about every Star Trek fan," and which is further misrepresented as having been "introduced out of nowhere," when it really wasn't.

If you don't like something, that's fine, and it's your prerogative. But please - don't try dressing it up as something it's not and then proclaim that everyone else ought to hate it, too. That's insulting the intelligence of your reader, which is hardly ever a good way to go about making a point.

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Shocker I won't be buying the DVD which makes this the first Star Trek movie EVER that I won't own.
Please put me down as being appropriately shocked.
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