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I thought most men would get that "AAAAH! MY EYES!!!" As soon as shopping was mentioned.
Shopping for certain items is permitted under the Code of Guys(tm). Beer, for instance. Also bacon. And certain T-shirts.
Plus: It's not just about those items: If the "man-chair" (near the women's dressing rooms) comes with a TV and service (but not with a only one beer per customer-policy), you women are allowed to take us shopping in that store any time!
I think there should be such a chair for women aswell. I hate shopping with most people. I usually buy stuff without trying it on because I am always in a hurry.. But when I go shopping with some people they can stay in the same shop for 30 minutes.. just to browse.. I only do that in bookstores or dvd/cd stores. Or.. cake places.. At least I would do it in cake places if it was allowed. My girlishness pops out when I see souvenir shops though. And petshops.. I love petshops..
I am very girly about shopping, i'm just not that interested in clothes or shoes. Beer and a chair would be amazing when shopping with shoelovers.. If i got drunk enough I might even forget to lecture everyne about how bad high heels are for you.
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