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Re: the sound of interstellar space

I hadn't spotted that one. But this is not about Voyager itself but about the fact that interstellar space is not as quiet as we thought and that its "hello" was just coincidentially recorded by V'gr so I think it counts as a new topic. After all, we have a whole board full of Star Trek threads here though it's all the same TV show.

I find it rather fascinating that the universe sings (or whistles, rather). The ancient Greeks' idea of Music of the Spheres suddenly proves to be not as absurd as we thought for the last 2 or 3 centuries.
And I love the irony that outer space is full of sounds no human hears (but then it is characteristic of our species to never listen properly...).

That brings up a string of questions: are there possibly any beings that are able to hear these sounds? Could there be a method of hearing that doesn't require air waves as amplifiers? (Grasshoppers have something like it: they register vibrations with membranes in their knees.) Could these space sounds be used for navgation, like Whistle buoys at sea?

I find this new discovery most thrilling! And who'd have thought that an astrophysical phenomenon can sound so nice?

Btw, (yes, I know, nothing new to HAMs) Earth sings rather nicely, too, as does the sun

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