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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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#6. Archer's speech to the Alliance. The entire series Daniel and company have gone out of their way to keep Archer alive, because HE is the ONLY ONE that can give birth to the Federation; his presence and speech are the bedrock to everything
Well, that was stupid writing to begin with, and not in keeping with Trek's spirit. And kinda sexist, too. We're really supposed to believe that if Archer had been killed, Hernandez couldn't have seen things through? Bull!

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Would people be happier if Archer's speech had been presented for us...and featured gazelles?

Exactly. There's no way the speech could have been anywhere near as good as just hinting at it. Sometimes hinting at something is more artful than actually showing.

Yanks wrote: View Post
I was hoping when we were 6 years in the future that they had become married.
Polly's pretty and all, but I just don't really buy that someone as dynamic as Trip would want to settle down with someone as emotionally closed off as even her. I can buy deeply felt human/Vulcan friendships; romances, not so much.

Yanks wrote: View Post
when Archer stopped, came back down the stairs and gave T'Pol a hug Yanks got all choked up. Full swing of emotions in this one.
The hug was a beautiful moment, period.
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