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Re: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD worth it?

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Although "complete" is a bit of a stretch. There are none of the old UK comic strips (very similar in style to Gold Key's Trek) or the L.A. Times comic strip. Both of which were available online (legally!) when I got my DVD but I think have since been taken down.
Well, it is called The Complete Comic Book Collection, not The Complete Comics Collection.

Although the DVD is missing a few things, specifically the Marvel Trek/X-Men crossovers (which I assume they couldn't get the rights for) and the Klingon-language edition of Starfleet Academy #17 (which is listed in the contents but not actually on the DVD as far as i can find). And of course it doesn't have any of the IDW or TokyoPop comics. But aside from those, I think it has everything up through 2001.

The LA Times strip has recently been released in book form in 2 volumes.
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