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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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See, I don't buy that the Narada changed everything regarding ship design. Just look at the Kelvin. It was bigger than the original NCC-1701 20 plus years earlier. The JJverse was an alternate timeline long before Nero flew into it.
The anomaly that brought the Narada back released anti-time particles, retroactively applying the relaunch to the timeline. Everything is bigger since 2009 (even my belly)!
Which conviniently stopped in 2154 as the entire Enterprise series still exists as we saw it onscreen, backed up by the numerous references throughout both reboot films, including the NX-01, planet Menk, Admiral Archer, Porthos etc still existing.
It's hard to tell. Perhapes Enterprise originally went seven season, Archer was bold, Mayweather and Reed found love, T'pol learned how to act, etc, with a ship half the size.
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