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Re: V'Ger 6 + "more than three hundred years"

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Also, I always figured that in the ST universe there is a black hole lurking somewhere near the Solar System, as indicated by the "black star" encountered in Tomorrow Is Yesterday.
In my Department of Temporal Investigations novels, I establish that the "black star" is indeed the black hole that V'Ger fell through.

And if anyone's wondering, yes, it is possible that a dormant black hole could go undetected if it were close to the Solar System. With nothing falling in, no accretion disk, it'd just be, well, black. The only ways to detect it would be, one, if we saw it lensing the light of a star or galaxy it passed in front of -- which would require a lot of luck -- or two, by its gravitational effect on other bodies such as comets, but we know little enough about the orbits of Kuiper Belt comets that it would be hard to tell whether something's perturbing them.
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