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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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#1. Troi and Riker are in Engineering and we hear Troi say: It's sad. Commander Tucker had no idea he wouldn't make it back. . Now WTF! :grr: If you are writing the last Star Trek episode EVER, and have planned out the death of a major cast member (one of the "big three" to boot), why on earth would you give it away to the fans there? I'll tell you why... a slap in the face, TNG's "better", that's why... It's hard to explain how mad I got when she said that.
It was an awful way to do it, as it takes away whatever "impact" his death was supposed to have had, but was probably meant to get viewers questioning the what, when, how and why?

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#2. 6 years into the future and everyone is the same rank? WTF??
Apparantly for a crew that's supposed to be the most experienced and best out there they don't do anything to warrant promotion. It was really annoying, like we couldn't wrap our heads around a few promotions here and there.

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#3. The fact that Trip and T'Pol don't end up together. I was hoping when we were 6 years in the future that they had become married. It would have been nice to have the right closure to their relationship. All we get is T'POL: However long it may be, I believe I'm going to miss you.
There relationship was probably one of the best things ENT did, and then to have nothing at all come from it was really irritating--they could have been strangers.

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#4. T'Pol's make up and hair. She just looked unhealthy and overdone. They had her looks right in season three. I'm not fond of her final "development". She had this issue for me during most of season four, but it's much worse in TATV.
I would have thought that after six years T'Pol would finally be ordered into a proper uniform--get some professionalism on the Bridge.

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#5. Trip's death. I'm mean really. We've fast forwarded 6 year's in the future and the crew that saved earth from the Xindi attack and survived countless other death defying situations can't detect and stop a couple bad guys from boarding? Where was everyone else? Conner's acting was very good once again, but for what? There they go putting Archer up on a pedestal again.
His death was totally unneeded. Surely Archer's sacrifice for his friend would have been of bigger impact (plus it would get rid of a terrible character).

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#6. Archer's speech to the Alliance. The entire series Daniel and company have gone out of their way to keep Archer alive, because HE is the ONLY ONE that can give birth to the Federation; his presence and speech are the bedrock to everything and what... we don't get to hear the speech?
Probably a good thing though. Bakula doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off big speeches (Sir Patrick Stewart he most surely is not). Any time they had Archer pontificate I cringed, he just wasn’t convincing.

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Big fat make up caked give the plot away Deanna (an alien) has to memorize this historic speech in grammar school and we don't get to hear it.
Deanna may be half-alien but she is still a Federation citizen and the foundation of the UFP would be a big thing for them—whether they were involved in the initial creation of the Federation or joined at a later date.

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#7. And of course, having the TNG characters close out "our" series. " Computer, end Program" was like a knife in the back.
A better episode that focused on the ENT crew would have been a better end, missing out the holodeck/TNG element entirely. ENT is not my favourite series, but it deserved a better ending than it got—especially as it started to pick up in its last couple of years.
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