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Re: What concluded series do you miss the most?

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I can just imagine the rage knowledgeable TrekLit fans would unleash if they heard Travissty was going to publish a Trek story.
Actually, as a life-long Star Wars fan, I think Traviss' books are the best thing to come out of the Prequel era (narrowly beating out the cartoon series), and I for one would love to see what she could do with the Jem'Hadar or the Talarians.
I have the complete opposite opinion of Traviss. She is rather divisive in the Star Wars EU, and I wouldn't want her anywhere near Star Trek.
Don't forget what's she's doing to Halo - recasting one of the good characters in the universe as a mad scientist resented by everyone who has worked with/for her, making the morally repugnant and stupid military intelligence branch the good guys, and just making loathsome story choices whenever she can.
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