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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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If you guys don't mind saying, what about the ending fizzled for you?
Not wanting to repeat myself but my gripe with the ending and why it fizzled are in this particular post of this thread.
That seems fair. You're looking more at plot choices. That you haven't decided to condemn the writers to hellfire indicates you're rather reasonable about the whole thing.
I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt as they made Star Trek 09 work. Maybe they tried too hard with STID, maybe they threw to much time at the script or maybe they were having an off day when they came up with the premise, yet could not radically alter it because perhaps a deadline was coming. I dunno.

That's why I'm holding out hope that STID's ending was a fluke and the third alternative TOS film is a step in the right direction. I'm not even asking for anything special but just cut out the sloppy bits and throw in a sprinkle more of McCoy. However I do fear a trend developing.

Consider the Spock/Uhura romance in ST 09, to this day I still don't know what Spock was thinking and I hope it was not a case of 'my planet's destroyed, let's get it on with one of my former cadets I trained'. It's about the only problem I had with ST 09 and the only thing I thought was silly.

I'm going to ignore STID's plotholes (some more sillyness there but I won't divulge) and Carol Marcus' booty and say STID's ending descended into sillyness to. Kirk's death followed by his resurrection several hours later, Spock screaming Khan and sounding like a toddler having a tantrum because his crayons are broken, and to top it off Spock and Khan fighting on some hover-vehicle (ala Star Wars Revenge of the Sith style).

It was funny in a way but giving its the ending I should not be giggling through most of it. But I definitely think STID had a greater silly factor than ST 09 did. So I hope the third film doesn't crank up the factor some more, and that is the trend I hope is broken.
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