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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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While I love the Spock/Uhura romance, I do agree we need to see more McCoy. Karl Urban is flawless.
You should see Karl Urban in Dredd (the 2012 movie), that guy can act! Now I may be a Trekkie but sometimes I want to see total action pawnage and an entirely different fictional universe. Dredd is like the classic action films and it has pacing and moods. If STID had that kind of dramatic action, plus an ending which did not fizzle, it would be a MONSTER!

So for the next movie I want these writers to combine the style of Dredd with the look of the JJ universe and the higher aspects of Star Trek. Dredd ain't just a dumb action flick either it has poignant moments and in a mere 90 minutes it totally sells you to this universe. Though Orci and Kurtzmen may want to go easy on the violence, Dredd is brutal!

Alas these are only pipe dreams...
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