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the sound of interstellar space

Note to Mods: this would also fit into Science and Technology but that is more a place for freaks while this topic might meet the interest of a larger audience. Hence I think it fits Misc better.

The Voyager Probe has finally left our solar system and on its way out it found ionized plasma which vibrates. The vibrations are actually in a range we would register as audible tones. We just can't hear them for a lack of air that would transmit the sound.
Within our solar system, the sun's own magnetic field and the solar wind keep that ionized plasma out. Basically, we live in a bubble.

If you'd like to hear what the interstellar space sounds like, here's Voyager's recording:

(It loads extremely slow but it's still pretty cool. I wouldn't exactly call it creepy, though. Inviting, rather )
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