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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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STID would have been a home run for me if Kirk stayed dead, Spock's external pain was simply confined to his eyes, Khan escaped and Spock gave that speech. Four little things which could have been done in the last fifteen minutes or so. They fumbled the ending and robbed it of its meaning and power, which sadly cast a shadow on the rest of the film.
This 100%

I think the TWOK stuff is often misconstrued as a mere rip-off and whilst it's hard to argue against certain moments as superficial 'homage' I think there is enough going on beneath the surface that helps the movie forge its own identity. For instance, Kirk and Spock and the glass - easy to dimiss as having no 'weight' due to the characters only meeting two minutes ago but it could be argued that Spock's anguish is that of someone who has had a potential true friendship taken away from him. I can't recall the exact line but Quinto sold this moment for me during the death scene but then, like you, I was instantly transported out of the scene and reminded that I was watching a daft action movie with the 'Khaaaaan' line and Spock's ultimate hulking out and fisticuff battle on the set of the Total Recall remake.
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