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Re: Sleepy Hollow (Spoilers)

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And, of course, Star Trek takes place in a future where there was no Star Trek TV series revolutionizing mass-media science fiction in the 1960s. I sometimes wonder what the Trek-universe media landscape in the 20th century would've been. Without the precedent of ST's success in syndication, George Lucas might not have been able to convince investors that the space adventure movie he wanted to make in the mid-'70s could turn a profit. And without TNG's success, would the first-run syndicated SF/fantasy boom of the '90s ever have happened?

Maybe that's why the only 20th-century sci-fi we've ever heard about in the Trek universe is the '40s Captain Proton serials...
No, you have Alan Ladd to thank for Star Wars not Star Trek, he was the only one who believed in Lucas not the script nor the concept.
The greatest science fiction series of all time is
Doctor Who! And I'll take you all on, one-by-one
or all in a bunch to back it up!"
--- Harlan Ellison, from his introduction
to the PINNACLE series of Doctor Who books
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