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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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Even the turbo paths match.
Is there a good explanation why everyone assumes these vertical structures to be turbo shafts?

Here is the basic Jefferies cross-section in color (schematic display on bridge). IMHO it's the different colors that make all the difference how to approximate a correct interpretation of Jefferies' black & white cross-section.

If these red vertical lines were turbo shafts than the bridge would actually have to be a turbo lift depot by that reasoning.

Also, there would be no horizontal turbo shafts aboard the ship by the same reasoning because these do not show up!

These rather look like main (power) lines (with smaller horizontal connections not shown) and though I'm not a big supporter of retroactive continuity, I think Andrew Probert is among the few who actually got it correct by placing a vertical intermix shaft there for the TMP Enterprise.

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