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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

This is just Kurtzman covering his back, everyone does in this business. He seems relieved if anything and that probably stems from the poor execution of STID's ending. It's funny but STID is like that of The Dark Knight if you compare these two trilogies- yes I can call JJ Trek a trilogy since Paramount are most certainly greenlighting a third film.

The Dark Knight set a precedent for OTT scenes and heart-stopping emotive scenes every five minutes, but it was justified because you had the Joker, brilliantly played by Heath Ledger who made it all work out. You were simply enraptured in a perverse and sick way to this character. But it's the only reason why the Dark Knight worked out so well as it did. I think too many blockbusters are trying to emulate the Dark Knight, I think STID suffered a little from this to.

Let's do a little comparison:

Main character must face up to his responsibilities as the consequences of his role catch up with him. Check.

Two villains. Check.

A significant person in the main character's life dies. Check.

Death of this significant person causes the main character to go off the rails. Check.

The primary villain is ruthless and god damn crazy at times. Check.

The secondary villain starts out as a hero and ends up as the villain. Check.

The primary villain deliberately lets himself be captured. Check.

The main character discovers his true purpose after the most testing of trials. Check. Check!

I'm sure there are more similarities of the basic constituent plot parts. STID though seems to have its basic premise grafted off the Dark Knight and quite a few of the plot details from TWOK/Space Seed. There's nothing wrong with combos since all films are a combination of several, or more, older films. It's how you execute them which really matters.

And STID was working out so well during the initial two thirds of its runtime, but the writers botched the last third. It was a good death scene but ruined by Spock screaming Khan and Kirk being brought back from the dead hours later. They used a Deus Ex Machina which totally trivialized the death scene. Then of course Kirk's speech which was a little empty considering revenge was Kirk's initial reason for tracking down Khan.

What happened? STID would have been a home run for me if Kirk stayed dead, Spock's external pain was simply confined to his eyes, Khan escaped and Spock gave that speech. Four little things which could have been done in the last fifteen minutes or so. They fumbled the ending and robbed it of its meaning and power, which sadly cast a shadow on the rest of the film.

I think maybe Kurtzman and co are somewhat regretting this but they got away with it and so they should if you want a decent sci-fi action flick. It's not about the plot holes, hell the Dark Knight is all over the place but you ignore them just so you can see more of the Joker, but wrapping it all up. The DK gave us a solid conclusion/continuation. STID? A little shaky to what was a really good ST movie in the first half.

And it's a shame because Star Trek has never looked so good from a visual point of view.

As for the Onion video about Star Trek fans, it sure hit the nail on the head!
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