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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Your sentence is confusingly worded. Are you or aren't you saying the image in question is possibly a copy of actual Art Department material?
Here is my original post # 217 in which I addressed the issue, assuming the Enterprise-D transwarp schematic from that fanzine to be genuine ST Art Department stuff.

But after the TOS shuttlebay VFX model experience () I decided to pull Johnson's Enterprise-A tech manual for a comparison and then realized that the E-D had been just placed over the E-A transwarp schematic from the TM (with the exact same frame text and technobabble numbers).

Theoretically it could have been a draft for a TNG okudagram but I think this to be very unlikely unless I see an actual TNG okudagram in similar style. I will try to scan a page from that fanzine later to illustrate the issue.

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