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A Proposed Pilot Episode: "The Last Big Bang"

This thread is not to announce a new fan series or any planned episodes, but to pitch an idea I had for a Trek fan series pilot which could be edited to match any number of productions set during the 24th century. Anyone who is interested in using the pitch is free to do so, so long as they share their final version with everyone. Here is the pitch in a nutshell:

The setting is shortly after the year 2387, or thereabouts. The Hobus star has gone supernova, and Spock Prime has already chased Nero into the alternate universe. In the prime universe, the Borg return, destroy earth, and assimilate everything else, scattering humanity across the stars. There is only one ship left. In a last attempt to save humanity, this last crew team up with a civilian scientist in a desperate attempt to recreate the Big Bang, and reboot the whole universe, thereby rewriting history. In the process, the old universe is completely destroyed, and reborn exactly as it was. After a brief montage of all universal moments in history up to this point, the final moments of the episode involve the crew of this valiant ship assembling for the first time, without any memory of what they had just done, as a flashback/restart.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know!
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