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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Maurice, there you are! Were you ever able to get in touch with Bill George? Any treasures to share with us?
Bill is overseas on a film shoot for a while.

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Sorry, that is NOT "fraud", which means deception for financial or personal gain.
I have to presume you are referring to my earlier post.

If the publisher of this tech compilation issue (from this TNG fanzine) features a schematic where the NCC-1701-A from the original Shane Johnson bridge graphics is covered by the Enterprise-D and presented in a poor copy quality that suggests this might be genuine TNG Art Department material (somehow secured from a copy of a copy etc.), it most definitely is "fraud".
Your sentence is confusingly worded. Are you or aren't you saying the image in question is possibly a copy of actual Art Department material?
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