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Re: fan fiction ideas opinion

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so the hard light holograms were a bit to much, i shall change that to 25 EMH's, all of course programed to look different species and used in pretty much all different aspects of the ship, all other spaces are just regular crew space, then the Klingon/Vulcan hybrid then instead of it being an experiment then it just being a child that is not wanted either parents, an orphan who is from a Starfleet run orphanage, a place where the kids get trained to join Starfleet and to be worth the years of not being wanted, some growing up to become starship captains and such.
So the entire medical staff are holograms? Again that seems a little far-fetched, but its your fanfic--if you can make it work then go for it. Also Starfleet wouldn't run an orphanage to train future officers/crewmen, that's what the Academy is for. I suspect there would be various Federation or planetary government (ie civilian) run facilities to care for children without parents, you could even have it as a charity or religious organisation orphanage. Then when the child reaches what is considered maturity for their species (since different lifespans means some will develop faster/slower than humans) they can decide for themselves if they want to enter Starfleet or not. Just my thoughts anyway.

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I'd rather have a clone crew or even an android crew instead of a holographic crew.
I would have to agree on that point. Androids are independent from the ship therefore more likely to be of use in various situations, whilst a clone crew might drive you a little nuts they are all individuals who just happen to share the same faces.

The EMH was something new and different when VOY started but I got bored of him and wouldn't really be interested in the exploits of another holographic character.
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