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Re: Hypothetical World War III

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Perhaps in a timeline without Bell, the riots were much worse, and the riots only made the tensions between economic classes that much worse -- perhaps provoking an earlier World War III. Or maybe a long-term degeneration into a neo-feudalist economy.
Perhaps an escalation to an all-out nuclear war?
Maybe. On the other hand, I don't recall O'Brien needing to be treated for radiation exposure upon his return from any of the alternate pasts, so I'm inclined to interpret his "things never got THAT bad" line as a reaction to something social rather than physical.

It seems probable that a version of WW3 would have played out in a Bell-less timeline; perhaps the social degradation caused by Bell's absence caused the social impact of the war to become even worse, even if the weaponry used remained the same? I could see a devastated society that has already gotten used to mass imprisonment and exploitation of the poor in the Sanctuary Districts deciding, in a timeline without Bell to provoke an anti-Sanctuary District backlash, ending up falling under the sway of elites who revive forced labor and de facto slavery, for instance.

I would point out that the presence of Romulan ships in the Alpha Centauri system does not necessarily mean that the area of the Federation core worlds is Romulan-dominated in this alternate 24th Century -- though that is certainly a possibility, especially if there was never an Enterprise NX-01 to prevent a Vulcan invasion of the Andorian Empire and depose a Romulan puppet in Administrator V'las.
There was apparently no Romulan presence in the solar system, though that might be as easily explained by the bleakness of a post-human Earth as by a temporary Romulan deployment next door.
There are any number of possibilities -- maybe the Vulcan government follows a similar course to that outlined in the alternate history featured in Christopher's DTI: Forgotten History, for instance, eventually rejecting Romulan interference in their government but emerging not as the Confederacy of Vulcan, but as the aggressive Vulcan Protectorate. Thus, perhaps Earth remains under a Vulcan-imposed "no-fly zone," and the Romulans are trying to establish a presence in Alpha Centauri -- perhaps in a bid to eventually conquer Earth and turn its still-pre-warp population into a subject race?

Or maybe that was actually a Vulcan ship the Defiant detected at Alpha Centauri, and the post-V'las Vulcan government uses communications protocols derived from the Romulans, leading to the Defiant's mistaken identification?

Quite a few possibilities.
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