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Re: Sleepy Hollow (Spoilers)

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Wasn't fond of the Horseman's use of a gun. I don't know, just damaged that to me.
Oh, come on. That was one of the best parts of the episode and its absurdly awesome premise and concept. As said by Wired,
If I had to point to the exact moment that I knew Sleepy Hollow was going to be my favorite new show of the year, I’m pretty sure it would be the scene where the Headless Horseman whipped out an assault rifle and tried to gun down Ichabod Crane in slow motion.
That’s the great thing about the pilot for the show, which premiered on FOX last night: It’s well aware that its premise — taking that 1820 Washington Irving story about the folly of superstition and wrenching it into the modern day for a mismatched buddy cop serial about secret covens dueling over the apocalypse through a series of X-Files-esque unsolved mysteries — is ridiculous to the point of being laughable. Structurally, the whole first episode is an exercise in stacking one handy plot contrivance on top of another until they’ve built a foundation for the series that almost majestic in its fragility, held together purely by the Scotch tape of the cast’s likability, and how fun its ideas are
The Headless Horseman wielding an assault rifle is freaking brilliant.
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