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Re: Hypothetical World War III

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It seems inevitable that it would be.
Nothing in human history is "inevitable".

And in any case, no matter how unlikely, isn't it safer to ASSUME that any WW III will be entirely nuclear? Paranoid, maybe; but it'd make it just that less likely to actually occur. If more people assume the worst, they may not risk actually instigating it.
What does that have to do with Star Trek, though?

For all we know, entire cities for two hundred miles in every direction were ashes.
And if that were the case, how the hell did he build a warp-capable ship? Wouldn't focusing on essentials like food, shelter, and security be more resource-worthy? The fact that there was an entire community focused on the warp-capable vessel there suggests that the community could afford to not worry about things like food, shelter and security. So there must have been some kind of infrastructure in place to make it possible, such as cities. Maybe not as big and bustling as they used to be, but not "ashes" either.
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