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Re: Hypothetical World War III

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When was it ever claimed in Trek that WWIII was "full-out" or destroyed "everything?"
It's WORLD WAR III, for crying out loud. How could it not?
If World War III were to destroy everything, there would not have been a human race left to rebuild anything.

To me, it seems fairly obvious that Trek's WW3 must have been the worst war in human history, but still not the nuclear apocalypse. Remember, the United States and the Russian Federation today both possess more than enough nuclear weaponry to end all life on Earth. By definition, WW3 must not have been a full-scale nuclear exchange -- because if it had been, there would not have been so much as a tree left in Montana, let alone a city, however devastated, capable of launching the Phoenix.

I do, however, think that Trek tends to be unrealistic in its depiction of how many major cities' historic structures survived WW3.
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