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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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Honestly, he shouldn't have to defend anything. The film is a success, it's popular, it's well liked by most fans. The only reason he probably feels this way is because of an extreme vocal internet minority, who seem to hate anything that even evinces the prospect of change. Such fans tend to be implacable, so it's best to ignore them. Focus on what's good instead.
This ^ These people turned out a fun and profitable movie, and they get treated like crap for it.

There are times I'm embarrassed for our fandom the way the vocal minority has become the "face" of it.
What, it's an objective fact that Into Darkness was a fun movie, was it? You're embarrassed by people who don't like a film that you like? Really now? I think you've watched that Onion video a few too many times.
I'm embarrassed for our fandom, cause the jerks are becoming our public face. The don't have to like the movie, but their actions are giving the fandom a bad rep. The members of any of the production teams shouldn't be subject to abuse by "so called fans" for simply doing their jobs. Basically, from a PR standpoint, we're angling right back around to the stereotype to the basement dwelling virgins with no life.
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