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Re: Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed - Dec. 2014?

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2) due to Bad Robot dictates, Abramsverse novels are not allowed. So this can't have much of anything to do with STID.
Here you go.
That link doesn't prove your claim in the least. In fact, it contradicts it. The quote there says it was Pocket's own decision "to hold off on telling new stories."

And the claim doesn't even make sense. There was an article more recently claiming that Bad Robot wanted all tie-ins to be in the Abramsverse but CBS was unwilling to abandon its successful Prime-universe tie-in lines. If BR had that much unilateral power to tell CBS what to do, wouldn't they have cancelled the Primeverse novels instead of the Abramsverse ones?

As I keep saying: we don't actually know what led to the novels being cancelled. I wrote one of the cancelled novels and even I don't know. And so any theory about the reasons behind it is guesswork, not fact.

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But then there must be some reason why no novels in the Abramsverse are being done.
I suspect it's a business reason involving corporate or marketing considerations that aren't evident to the fanbase.
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