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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 82; Out of Luck


Kira: What a silly song!

O'Brien: Hey, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," is a classic roadtrip song.

Kira: I much prefer the Bajoran version: "99 Cardassian soliders on the wall, 99 Cardassian soldiers, take a thermal grenade and toss it at them, no more Cardassian soldiers on the wall!"

Nog: Wow, you two are horny. Get it? Oh, wait, I forgot I was talking about you, Doctor. Of course you don't get it.

Dax: And he never will...

Worf: I do not understand this human trait of coddling babies. If Yoshi were a Klingon, we would throw him to the Targs. If he is a true warrior, he will survive. If not, then the Targs get a special dinner!

Garak: Fine, another 10 bars of gold pressed latinum if you'll keep quiet.

Quark: A pleasure doing business with you, Garak, and enjoy the Cardassian hair gel!

Garak: Damn it, Quark, I told you I don't want anyone to know the secret to my luscious head of Cardassian hair.

Klingons: Take everything we have, just shut up!
Odo: Alright Morn, come on, we've talked about the noise complaints form your incessent yapping. We've had long talks about that particular bad habit if yours. Don't make me put you in solitary!
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