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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Ah, good old Power of the Daleks. One of the five stories that are least likely to be found, given the number of overseas sales, and the number of prints confirmed as destroyed.
How many were confirmed? As far as I remember only the NZ prints of Evil were known to have been destroyed? The rest were returned to the BBC.

(I haven't read Wiped in ages, nor do I own the 2nd edition).
You're right to call me on that; I was being imprecise, which usually isn't a problem, but on this subject is an invitation to trouble.
I meant, confirmed destroyed, or returned to the BBC, but given when they would have been returned to the BBC it's a safe bet that Enterprises then destroyed them, some time prior to 1978.
Doesn't mean that a rogue print or two couldn't have got missed, or spirited away, but it makes me very, very sceptical about any talk of complete serial recoveries that includes Masterplan (ignoring the Feast of Steven problem), Power or Evil.
A single episode or two is obviously possible, so if one turned up from Tenth Planet then... it'd probably be one of the three we've already got!
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