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Re: "Is Battlestar Galactica in Suspended Animation?"

^I did. No answer there, either.

And I didn't start the fire....

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It's over.

Still confused at why the BSG forum is still open.
Maybe it will be closed when the Trek forums are closed. After all, they are all series which are no longer produced even though people still discuss them.
This is a Trek website, of course all the forums for the Trek shows will continue to be open.
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I think this forum should probably be closed. The show it's based on has long since been off the air and there are no productions of any note on the horizon.

A lone BSG movie (should it happen) from Bryan Singer hardly warrants a full forum, any more than the long-forgotten original BSG.
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The existence of a Lost forum confuses me more. Nobody has even posted since 2010.
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No can post in the Lost forum. It's been that way for more than 2 years.
And by the time we got to this, I wasn't under the impression that it was a forbidden topic:
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Forgive a foolish question. But is forum space a big problem here? Space to post is unlimited but the number of subfolders is limited?
Shouldnt be. It doesnt really matter to forum database/diskspace if post is located in one folder or another.
But each forum needs one or more moderators, so having a large number of forums means more moderators which means more administrative overhead. The database side of it is only part of the equation.

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