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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
At this point, Paul Vanezis appears to be actively trolling rumor believers on Twitter. He started off with this:

"A wonderful evening out with several heroes of Doctor Who. Yes, curry and beer. Ruislip is beautifully sunny on this rainy September night."
I love his reaction when someone asks him about Perivale, the site of a recent screening of "Enemy of the World" for BNFs according to rumor. (It helps to know the NATO phonetic alphabet.)

I understand his reaction. He's been badgered for months by total strangers and that's both wearing and annoying. He just wants to live his life, and he has people digging into his life and taunting him with things they think they know.

At the same time, he hasn't exactly covered himself in professionalism with his reactions. There are fans who really believe this, and he's egging them on with tweets that can read as suggesting a discovery but then played off as something entirely different when questioned, or he's mocking them like with the dinner tweets. Yes, he's in a position where he can belittle fans for what they believe, but just because can belittle someone doesn't mean that as a professional he should.
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