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Re: Are we forgetting why Spock is a great character?

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I can understand that Kirk realizes the friendship there because of his mind meld with Spock(prime). But nuSpock has not been friends with Kirk long enough to have established such a strong meaningful bond.
So the strength of friendship is dictated first and foremost by how long you've been friends with someone? That's news to me.
Seriously Yanks? A year of serving together on the same ship, going on missions, basically spending 24 hours a day together when not sleeping, isn't long enough to form a meaningful bond? How long should it take? I'd be willing to bet a week or at most a month under those circumstances is pretty much enough for most people
I'd say there's evidence in the movie that Kirk and Spock don't really have that meaningful a bond of friendship, given that Spock snitched on Kirk for saving his life resulting in Kirk getting demoted.

And really, Kirk and Spock's friendship is not as profound and meaningful in STID as it was in TWOK. In the Abrams continuity, the two were antagonistic towards each other to the point that it took Spock Prime showing up to say "yeah, we were BFF in my timeline" for them to talk to each other.
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