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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

With Trek 2009 most of my issues with the film were actually to my chagrin were explained in scenes that were unfortunately cut from the film. So the writing by and large wasn't the issue there.

With STID some issues occurred in terms of the passage of time that kinda irked me, and that's a problem i've noticed with Lindelof's work .So if he's not coming back, then that problem should fade away.

I have no issue, but I would put to them both... Put them on a mission of discovery for the next one. Embody the Star Trek intro. That would be a new place to take the films. not since TMP have we really had that. Up to this point we've done time travel, earning our wings, and a 9/11 allegory. Now... Let's see what's out there...

And put in a good salute to Star Trek as a whole.
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