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Re: Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed - Dec. 2014?

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2) due to Bad Robot dictates, Abramsverse novels are not allowed. So this can't have much of anything to do with STID.
Here you go.
Honestly, I don't know what to think in this issue any more. In the comments section of that article, number 111 is actually from Orci saying "Nothing to do with it. Would’ve liked to read the novels myself, but I may have had to resist!"

But then there must be some reason why no novels in the Abramsverse are being done. Hell, even if they fear such novels are getting in the way of developing the movies, there are other alternatives, like novel prequels. Yeah, I know, IDW has comic prequels for both movies, but I think there could have been a way to do separate stories. For example, with XI, stick with Countdown as the comic prequel exploring Nero's origins, and then for the novel prequel do an adventure on the Kelvin or something. Not quite sure how they could have done this for STID though.
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