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Re: a box of rotting garbage, "standalone episode sh*t" and more trivi

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THIS is a fascinating summary of everything we learn on Enterprise's season 2 bluray extras. I'm happy with my DVDs, so this is the first I've heard of a lot of this.
A not-Braga producer (Berman?) upset Bakula during the pilot shoot when he told Bakula that Star Trek captains can’t bleed.
Say what? I'm remembering some fine bloody stripes on Kirk.

Maybe this is why Archer had to make up for such malarkey by getting beat up a lot?

Braga now claims adding the TNG homage to the finale was his biggest regret regarding “Enterprise.”
That's nice. Was he still going to kill of Trip even without smarm-face there to see it?

Black says it was frustrating to the writing staff “that we never got to kill anybody.” He says people got killed in “The Right Stuff” and that’s how the sense of danger was conveyed.
What about Hayes?! That hurt, that was a kick in the gut.

Billingsly concurs, opining that the prototype transporter malfunctions could have been more grisly. Black laments the day producers informed him that the ship’s transporter was no longer a dangerous device.

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